A Sensate Factor


Annali is a lovely woman in her later years with a head of auburn hair. She always dresses to flatter her figure, and has no problem with the attention that she gets.

Annali has been a factor in the Society of Sensation for about a decade. She’s married to an older man, Honorato, who doesn’t care what she gets up to. When Haden got dragged to one of her wilder parties a few years ago, Annali thought that he was adorable, and her maternal instincts compelled her to keep him around. Haden eventually got bored with the scene, but remains friends with Annali.

Thea is one of the factotums that reports to Annali.

Annali’s the sort of Sensate that your parents warn you about. She wants to have a good time, all the time, which usually means sex, with an ever-changing stable of partners. But that’s all it is; she doesn’t play mind games, or try to use her charms to control anyone. Lady Margone, among others, despises her.

Annali replaces Annali Webspinner, a Sensate factor from The Factol’s Manifesto. (Webspinner is a bariaur, and I’m not sure if Haden is that adventurous. :P )

Annali was conceived by Jennifer.

Image by Tony DiTerlizzi the “Sigil and Beyond” book from the Planescape Campaign Setting box set. (It’s a picture of Erin Montgomery, but she looks a little different here from others I’ve seen.)


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