Byrri Yarmoril

Arch-Lector of Plague-Mort


Byrri Yarmoril is a typical-looking tiefling, with dark skin, pointed ears, and spiky hair. He commonly wears leather armor and wears a brace of daggers.

Byrri Yarmoril has been the Arch-Lector of Plague-Mort since arriving several years ago. Little is known of his time before he took this position, although he is whispered to be a priest of a dark and destructive power.

Like those who have come before him, the Arch-Lector has vowed to deliver Plague-Mort unto the Abyss. He is bereft of scruples, openly dipping into the public treasury and using his Hounds to strike at anyone who would challenge his right to rule.

The Arch-Lector is mentioned in several Planescape sources, but is most fully described in “Recruiters,” from Well of Worlds.

Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from “The Recruiters” in Well of Worlds.

Byrri Yarmoril

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