A Knight-Errant of the Court of Stars


Monster Manual v.3.5, page 94.


Catriona resembles an elf with pearly, opalescent eyes. She carries herself like a noble, and seems to radiate goodness.

Catriona has been a knight-errant in the Court of Stars for four hundred years. She fought alongside Faodhagan, but was not sent on the mission that claimed the tulani’s life. She also served with Lord Cerellis, and was present when Haden was born.

Now Catriona patrols the Planes of Chaos, seeking good souls in need of her aid. When her allies informed her of troubling developments in Plague-Mort, she spirited the news to Grandfather Oak.

And when Joris told her that Faodhagan was alive, Catriona took part in his rescue.

Despite her passion for life and love of freedom, Catriona works deftly behind the scenes, and stays well out of sight. She offers her aid and guidance to any good beings with the courage to fight against evil and tyranny. She also helps those without courage to find it, and believes that no evil creature is beyond salvation.


Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II.


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