Eldgrim Ringhammer

Guardian of the Twelve Factols Catacombs


Eldgrim Ringhammer is an older dwarf who’s getting a bit round in the middle, and a bit of silver in his mustache. He doesn’t sport a full beard, and doesn’t care to state his reasons.

Eldgrim is part of the Ringhammer clan, a legendary family of Ysgard. He is the youngest of his generation, but his respect for his forefathers compels him to spend his time at the Twelve Factols, minding the catacombs where so many of them are interred.

Eldgrim tries to be a good dwarf, and has a broader sense of humor than some others. He despises his brother, Fritzan, who abandoned the clan to join the Harmonium. In fact, Eldgrim doesn’t care for any of the factions, but as long as they don’t pressure him to join, he doesn’t mind the company of namers.

Eldgrim has taken an interest in Sheen, and is trying to “bring out the metal” in her.


Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from “Epona’s Daughter,” in Well of Worlds.

Eldgrim Ringhammer

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