Eliath Morard

A Former Barmy with a Dark Past


Eliath had regained the abilities of a 4th-level wizard when our heroes encountered him. Since then he has regained his memories, and his abilities are unknown.


Eliath Morard is a short, wiry white-haired fellow who’s missed one meal too many. He wears blue wizard’s robes, and his poor sight causes him to squint.

Eliath Morard is a wizard who used to dwell in the hills east of the village of Red Larch in Faerun. Many years ago, he created a dreadful weapon for Gyderic, the psion who introduced him to the idea of planes beyond our own.

Fascinated by the idea, Morard made contact with Betzalel, the same devil who’d already recruited Gyderic. Morard then fashioned a magical diagram which transported him to Avernus, first of the Nine Hells.

Morard entered Sigil by giving Gyderic’s weapon to Ar’kle-mens. The wizard spent years combing through the Cage’s libraries, learning the key for a mysterious portal, until a particularly blasphemous tome shattered his mind.

He spent the last three years wandering Sigil’s streets as a madman, going by his first name. The Shadowknave targeted Eliath for the ‘Eternal Boundary’ project, convincing the wizard that he’d died and been given a second chance at life by Lathander. They sent him to join the Doomguard, where he served until Fade tried to assassinate him. Now Eliath seeks Betzalel once more.

Once mad and arrogant, Morard seems to be sane now. He was committed to being the best Sinker he can be, believing that the best way to repay Lathander’s mercy. His motivations after regaining his memories remain dark.

Eliath Morard is a merger of Eliath, the barmy from The Eternal Boundary, and “Morard,” the unnamed wizard who created the teleporter in “To Baator and Back,” from Well of Worlds.

Under the Shadow

Eliath Morard

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