Hero of the Court of Stars


Book of Exalted Deeds, page 171.


Faodhagan (Fagen) resembles an ageless and graceful elven noble, with golden skin and violet eyes, and a voice like living music. Though he wears the shimmering robes that are fashionable in the Court of Stars, he is more commonly seen in his gleaming suit of half-plate armor.

The tales of Faodhagan’s exploits fill many books. He led a successful revolution in the Myrstas Crusade, partially redeemed the succubus Kalisa, and led a campaign to free another Prime alongside the ghaele Catriona.

Faodhagan married Kerry, a human cleric who served by his side, and they had two sons, Methodis and Cerellis. Kerry died in battle with the slaad lord Ssendam, leaving her husband to raise their sons alone.

Faodhagan was thought killed while trying to liberate eladrin prisoners in the Abyss, on the same mission that claimed Morwel’s former consort, Vaeros. The lone survivor of that mission presented Faodhagan’s sword to the young Cerellis, already on his way to becoming a great hero in his own right.

Noxana told our heroes that Faodhagan is alive, a captive of an Abyssal Lord. Catriona learned that this was true, and went to rescue him with Joris and Kalisa. They wrested the tulani from the clutches of the balor Morgrith, bringing him back to Sigil, where he beheld his grandson Haden for the first time.

Faodhagan honors peace, but is always willing to battle the forces of evil. Unlike other tulanis, he frequently strays from his court in Arborea, seeking wrongs to right, and trusting his subjects to govern themselves. He demands respect, but is always gracious to those who offered it.

If not for his sons, he might have never recovered from Kerry’s death. Gossip in the Court of Stars still holds that Faodhagan might have been Morwel’s next consort, had he not taken a mortal consort, or been lost along with Vaeros. Faerinaal claims not to know the dark of the matter.

Faodhagan was conceived by Jennifer.

Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II.


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