Heiress to the Lady of Mirrors


At first glance, Iona looks like a normal human girl, no more than eight years old, with frazzled ivory hair and a quiet demeanor. But the fey have left their mark on her, and one doesn’t have to spend a long time around her to realize it. She frequently drops unintentional rhymes into her speech, and has been spotted levitating from time to time.

She dresses in ordinary peasant clothes. Her favorite possession is a simple glass sphere, a gift from her mother.

Iona has lived in Glenloch Keep all of her life. She was placed in the care of the keep’s lord by her mother, the Lady of Mirrors. Iona’s mother visited her from time to time, but they were never close.

On her last visit, the Lady of Mirrors entrusted Iona with a glass sphere. The Lady was murdered by Lady Margone soon thereafter, and the treacherous Uilleam Evershade came to Glenloch, murdered the keep’s lord, and declared himself master of the demiplane.

A group of adventurers, led by Iona’s half-brother, Maloranserani, defeated Uilleam and liberated Glenloch.

Iona is curious and capricious. She enjoys sneaking away from the keep to explore the lake and the surrounding hills, and is good friends with the young storm giant, Oda.

Original. “Iona” was the real name of the original (Mutants & Masterminds/City of Heroes) version of the Lady of Mirrors.


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