Labelas Thenorean

High King of Arvandor's Gray Elves


Labelas is a gray elf who wears fine robes and a silver crown. He carries himself with a regal demeanor.

Labelas has ruled the gray elves of Arvandor for centuries. He usually holds court at Grandfather Oak, and often meets with Trillamir Evensong to discuss matters of importance to all elves.

Labelas’s wise rule has been a blessing to the often-isolated gray elves, and his many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are sought after as advisers in all elven courts. So long as Labelas receives the respect he feels he’s due, he remains surprisingly warm and pleasant company.

Labelas Thenorean appears in “The Book of Chaos,” from the Planes of Chaos box set.

Labelas Thenorean

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