Lady of Mirrors

Maloranserani's Mysterious Matron


The Lady of Mirrors was a lovely humanoid female with pale and flawless skin, long ivory hair, pointed ears, and vast butterfly wings. She favored multiple layers of diaphanous silk, and rarely deigned to set her bare feet upon the earth. Her only possession was a glass sphere.

Her voice had a melodic, songlike quality; she always spoke in rhyme.

The ancient and powerful Lady of Mirrors chose Mal to be her agent, but she rendered him a virtual amnesiac in the process. Whether this was mere fey whimsy, or a vital part of her plan, remains dark.

Mal was sure that the Eye of the Dawn was important to the Lady. He learned from Firil Starwing that the Lady dwelled on the Prime world of Thazia. Lissandra knew of no portal to Thazia, but our heroes knew of one other native to that world – the rogue Tulio.

The Lady of Mirrors was served by a cabal of fey wizards known as the Viridian, who hid the Eye of the Dawn on the Isle of Black Trees. One of their number, Uilleam Evershade, betrayed the Lady to the minions of Alocer. Lady Margone slew the Lady of Mirrors with the Hand of Chaos.

The Lady saw across time, which makes one wonder why she allowed herself to be betrayed in this fashion. She is survived by her daughter, Iona, and by Mal – her son.

The Lady was like any fey, only moreso – mysterious, capricious, and dangerous to know.

The Queen of Mirrors was conceived by Kalyth.
Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from the Planes of Chaos box set.

Lady of Mirrors

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