Lady of Pain

Keeper of the Cage


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Her Serenity, the Lady of Pain, resembles a humanoid female with an elaborate headdress of shining blades surrounding her face. She drifts quietly through Sigil’s streets, the hem of her gown brushing the cobblestones. She has never spoken a word, permitting the dabus to speak for her instead.

As long as Sigil has existed, so has the Lady of Pain. Her origin and true nature are the darkest of darks. Though as powerful as any deity, and perhaps a goddess herself, she refuses to be worshiped. Though she keeps even the mightiest of gods out of the Cage, and may open or close any of its portals, she has never left the city. Those who threaten the City of Doors risk death from her gaze, or the passing of her shadow – or worse, banishment into an extradimensional Maze, never to be seen again. But the Bladed Queen does not rule Sigil; she only keeps it safe. And it is impossible for others to fathom what she considers a threat…

Her Serenity cannot be said to possess a personality, at least, not one that others can comprehend. She simply is.

The Lady of Pain was first mentioned in the original Planescape Campaign Setting box set.

Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from “A DM Guide to the Planes,” found in the Planescape Campaign Setting.

Lady of Pain

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