Alluvius Ruskin

Seller of Portal Keys and Other Magics


Alluvius Ruskin, commonly called “Lu,” looks like a weak, elderly human female, with small horns poking up through her thin, silvery hair. Her wispy gray strands curl up at the ends and hang slightly aloft, as if caught in a light breeze. Lu is never seen without her thick, oblong spectacles of darkened glass. She most often wears a long, dark green jacket with tails, leggings of gray and green, and leather gloves. Her voice is shaky, but sweet.

Lu has been running Tivvum’s Antiquities for many years, having purchased the shop from Tivvum upon his retirement. She sells all manner of portal keys, and has arrangements with Lissandra and a few Guvner researchers to learn what’s in demand. She buys gems, and is fascinated by magic items, paying very well for them, and sometimes hiring adventurers to locate them.

Lu is a sweet old thing, but her shop is well-guarded, and she has enough powerful friends to insure that no one messes with her. She’s heard the chant about someone closing portals, and worries about what it might mean for her business.

Alluvius Ruskin appears in Uncaged: Faces of Sigil.

Illustration by Tony DiTerlizzi, from Uncaged: Faces of Sigil.

Alluvius Ruskin

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