A Minion of the Queen of Succubi


Morgrith is an ancient balor, a towering humanoid demon with vast wings and a fiery aura. He wields the deadly sword and whip common to his kind.

Morgrith serves as Malcanthet’s right hand. She sent him to bring Kalisa in when she betrayed the Queen of Succubi, but Morgrith was defeated by Faodhagan, and was cast back into the Abyss, unable to leave for a hundred years.

Faodhagan fell into Malcanthet’s clutches when his mission to free Gionnan and other captured eladrin failed. Morgrith spent his time in exile tormenting the tulani; once he was free to leave Shendilavri again, Morgrith put a plan into motion to lure Kalisa back there.

Kalisa came wih Joris Crownsilver and Catriona to rescue Faodhagan. Morgrith underestimated Kalisa’s love for Joris, and her willingness to die for him, enabling them to rescue the tulani and escape back to Sigil.

Morgrith has vowed to avenge himself upon Kalisa, and his recent, second defeat has only intensified his hatred.

Morgrith was conceived by Kalyth.

Image by Tony DiTerlizzi, from the first Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix.


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