Sly Nye

A Xaositect Lawyer


“Sly” Nye is a skinny tiefling male with chalk-white skin, no discernible nose, and wild hair. Always surrounded by a handful of ioun stones, Nye’s movements and speaking are quick and animated. A button on his lapel identifies him as a Xaositect.

Nye argues before the City Court using chaos, not law, to make his cases. His creativity enables him to sidestep the limits of order to defend the poor, the friendless, and the Clueless.

Lord Cerellis was among Nye’s most prominent clients; the Chaosman is now settling the Lord’s estate.

Though a bit easier to talk to than some Xaositects, Nye is still prone to pursue tangents, coming at things from a different angle to make his own brand of sense.

Uncaged: Faces of Sigil, page 72

Sly Nye

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