Prestin Crownsilver

Silverymoon's High Priest of Mystra


A human male in his mid-fifties, Prestin Crownsilver dresses to impress, with elaborate hats and sweeping cloaks of blue and white. His grooming is immaculate, with every trace of gray blacked out of his hair, every tooth a brilliant white. He has the same large nose and fair skin as his son Joris, but his eyes are a warm brown. He speaks with great conviction, and is accustomed to having others hang on his words.

Around the time Prestin was ordained as a cleric of Mystra, his well-to-do father was embroiled in a terrible scandal. The Crownsilver name was tarnished, but Prestin recovered some distinction for himself by marrying Goneril, the daughter of a well-respected petty noble in Waterdeep.

On his path to becoming a mystic theurge and Silverymoon’s High Priest of Mystra, Prestin had five children with his wife: Osryd, Cyneley, Joris, Wilburt, and Edra. They have followed in his footsteps, but Joris was never bright enough to master arcane magic, becoming the family’s black sheep.

The importance of Mystra’s temple in Silverymoon seems low, considering the prevalence of arcane magic in the city. Prestin has dedicated himself to raising his faith’s profile in the public eye.

Prestin’s faith in Mystra hasn’t been the same since the mortal Midnight “replaced” his goddess after the Time of Troubles. He’s become preoccupied with gaining more power and influence of his own, claiming to do so in his faith’s best interests. He has completely alienated Joris, and some dilettantes gossip about Goneril’s reasons for accepting a post in distant Waterdeep.

It escapes Prestin that he’s the reason that the influence of his temple has waned.


Prestin Crownsilver

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