Tarik al-Gana

A Zakharan Barber


Tarik is a dusky-hued man who dresses in the Zakharan fashion, with a red fez covering his balding head. Though he sweats in Dis’s oppressive heat, he doesn’t perspire as much as one would expect him to. He gets around on a tiny, beautiful flying carpet.

His manner of speaking is florid and flattering without being obsequious.

No one seems to know how or why Tarik came from Zakhara to Dis. Indeed, it’s not clear which part of Zakhara he hails from – or if he ever leaves the Iron City. He has carved a living out of the iron streets, providing tonsorial services and information to planewalkers. He will continue to do so, as long as the lords of Dis tolerate his presence.

Although unfailingly polite and helpful, Tarik’s reason for aiding visitors to Dis is an utter mystery.


Tarik al-Gana

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