Talan's Late, Lamented Adoptive Sister


Manual of the Planes 3E, p. 199. Planescape petitioners were not bound to the planes they inhabited, so Therya is not limited in this way. If she is killed as a petitioner, though, she is gone forever.

Height:4’11” Weight:109 Age:n/a
Eyes:Hazel Hair:Dark brown Skin:Translucent

Therya looks much as she did in life, a young human woman with short hair and a lovely, musical voice. But she’s a petitioner now; though still corporeal, she’s not as present as living creatures.

Therya was the daughter of the woman who adopted Talan after the ranger’s mother died of despair. Talan later told Joris Crownsilver “My blood family’s all dead, and I’m glad.”

Talan desired Therya, but thought of her as a sister and could not bring himself to confess or act upon these urges. He never know that she felt the same way; in spite of this tension, they were close.

They involved themselves with the defense of the High Forest. Therya’s friend Xatar persuaded her to infiltrate a gang of bandits in an effort to find their base and their leader – and to keep it a secret from Talan. Xatar also convinced her to take part in a raid; afraid of being discovered, she agreed, and went masked. But Talan met the bandits in battle and slew Therya.

But Xatar was a disciple of Dispater, who’d claimed her soul for his master. Her spirit was imprisoned in Disigil, even after Xatar was killed.

Some time after she arrived, Therya received a key from Lord Cerellis, which she held onto until he came. She escaped with Talan when Disigil was destroyed. Now he searches for a way to return her to life.

Unlike some petitioners, Therya remembers her mortal life. She also remembers her years in captivity, though her conviction that Talan would come for her made that time bearable. She doesn’t blame Talan for his role in her death, but cannot forgive herself for believing Xatar’s lies.

Talan’s belief that she can be restored to life fills Therya with hope. If slain as a petitioner, though, she will cease to exist forever…

Therya was conceived by mpw.


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