Trillamir Evensong

Moss-Among-His-Roots's Right-Hand Man


Trillamir is a typical-looking half-elf who carries himself like a warrior. Though he seldom wears armor, he never goes without his sword and bow.

Trillamir has served as the right-hand man for Moss-Among-His Roots, Wind-In-His-Leaves for many years. His judgments are recognized as just and binding within the limits of Grandfather Oak, though some treants grumble about his “hurried, slap-dash” approach. His authority does not extend to the gray elves, though; High King Labelas Thenorean governs his own.

Refined and clever, Trillamir has a sharp eye for character. He follows the philosophy of the Sign of One, but the beliefs of the elven people are first in his heart.

Trillamir appears in “The Book of Chaos,” from the Planes of Chaos box set.

Trillamir Evensong

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