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  • Ar'kle-mens

    Ar'kle-mens seems to be a human with black hair, a stabbing gaze, and angular features. His nails are at least three inches long. *BACKGROUND*
    Ar'kle-mens is an ambitious abishai who accepted a brass orb from [[:eliath | Morard …

  • Alocer

    Alocer has a humanoid body with red-gold flesh and a fearsome leonine head, something like a fiendish leonal in appearance. The fiery flash of his eyes can be seen from some distance, and he can use this trait to blind his opponents. …

  • Echarus

    Echarus is a pit fiend, bearing the scars of numerous campaigns. *BACKGROUND*
    Once a Blood War campaigner, Echarus now serves [[:alocer|Alocer]] as master of Disigil's security and defense. *PERSONALITY*
    Believing that …

  • Betzalel

    Betzalel is a hairless human-like creature, with great ram’s horns and lifeless black eyes. His flesh is decorated by hooks, chains, and barbs. A sweet yet sickly odor, like that of rotting peaches, clings to him. *BACKGROUND*

  • Sauraphine

    |Height:5'11"|Weight:150|Age:unknown| |Eyes:Red|Hair:Red-blond|Skin:Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Sauraphine looks like a beautiful, statuesque human woman with white-feathered wings, red glowing eyes, and curling red-blond hair. Her skimpy clothing leaves …

  • Asmodeus

    Asmodeus is almost as ancient as the multiverse itself. He appeared in Disigil's Palace of the Jester to observe as our heroes destroyed the Iron Cage. What role he played in the campaign's events - and whatever outcome he desired - are unknown. Image …

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