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  • Donneray & Rindo

    Donneray and Rindo are a pair of human Dustmen with black clothes, pale skin, and dark eyes. Donneray has brown hair and a goatee; Rindo has long blond hair in a ponytail, and usually wears a black cap. *BACKGROUND*
    Donneray …

  • Felise

    Felise's appearance is typical for a zenythri: flawless blue-tinged skin, toned muscles, and a chiseled face perfectly framed by violet hair. She is older than she appears to be. *BACKGROUND*
    Felise has served


    Marlow is a tall (3'6") young halfling. He keeps his black hair and sideburns well-groomed, and is never without a smile. *BACKGROUND*
    Marlow grew up in the Market Ward, and has been working at Chirper's for three months. * …

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