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  • Ar'kle-mens

    Ar'kle-mens seems to be a human with black hair, a stabbing gaze, and angular features. His nails are at least three inches long. *BACKGROUND*
    Ar'kle-mens is an ambitious abishai who accepted a brass orb from [[:eliath | Morard …

  • Alocer

    Alocer has a humanoid body with red-gold flesh and a fearsome leonine head, something like a fiendish leonal in appearance. The fiery flash of his eyes can be seen from some distance, and he can use this trait to blind his opponents. …

  • Krell

    Krell conceived the project that eventually became Disigil, and convinced the Lords of the Nine to build it. He was murdered by its master, [[:alocer|Alocer]], who believed that Krell planned to seize the Iron Cage for himself. * …

  • Echarus

    Echarus is a pit fiend, bearing the scars of numerous campaigns. *BACKGROUND*
    Once a Blood War campaigner, Echarus now serves [[:alocer|Alocer]] as master of Disigil's security and defense. *PERSONALITY*
    Believing that …

  • Trunfeld Three-teeth

    Trunfeld is an old, scarred ogre whose disgusting personal habits should not be discussed here. *BACKGROUND*
    Trunfeld was born in the Outlands, joined the Dustmen when he came to Sigil, and took ownership of the Butcher's Block …

  • Shadowknave

    The Shadowknave is a dark-haired half-elf clad in tight black clothes. Small and graceful, he's handsome in a dangerous way. *BACKGROUND*
    The Shadowknave hired some mercenaries to help him prowl the Hive, where he cast _feign …

  • Mourner Tom

    Mourner Tom dresses in the black cast-off clothes of the wealthy, and is easily distinguished from his fellow Collectors by his moth-eaten top hat and dark glasses. His voice sounds like honey dipped in scotch. *BACKGROUND*

  • Trent

    Trent is a tall and muscular man with dark skin, short black hair, and brown eyes. *BACKGROUND*
    Another Outlander, Trent was captain of the guard for the Citadel of Fire. Our heroes spared his life, and he returned to Sigil, …

  • Nihmron

    Nihmron was a middle-aged fellow with a lisp and a perpetually smug look on his face. He neglected his greasy black hair, and always dressed in robes. *BACKGROUND*
    Nihmron grew up in Faunel, and spent his youth wandering the …

  • Splinter

    Splinter is a small, young tiefling with ice-blue eyes, pinkish skin, and spiky red hair. She wears revealing black leather clothing, but keeps a demure demeanor, so as not to overshadow her mistress. Close examination reveals the " …

  • Green Marvent

    Green Marvent was the founder and master of the Illuminated, a mysterious sect infiltrating Sigil's factions in order to gain more influence. Evidently, he has been displaced by his lieutenant, [[:baltazo | Baltazo]]; Marvent's ultimate fate has yet to be …

  • Skall

    Skall doesn't seem to have a body - whether he's incorporeal or just invisible (or whether it's some sort of projection) isn't very clear. All you see is a black robe, with gloves and a death mask floating where the hands and head …

  • Fade

    Fade looked like a living shadow wielding two silver blades. His eyes had a dim red hue. *BACKGROUND*
    Fade was [[:baltazo|Baltazo's]] personal assassin, and it was widely whispered that he was responsible for [[:marvent|Green …

  • Morgrith

    Morgrith is an ancient balor, a towering humanoid demon with vast wings and a fiery aura. He wields the deadly sword and whip common to his kind. *BACKGROUND*
    Morgrith serves as Malcanthet's right hand. She sent him to bring …

  • Betzalel

    Betzalel is a hairless human-like creature, with great ram’s horns and lifeless black eyes. His flesh is decorated by hooks, chains, and barbs. A sweet yet sickly odor, like that of rotting peaches, clings to him. *BACKGROUND*

  • Jhalefein

    Jhalefein is a male drow with long nails and terrible scars across his partially bald head and throat. He cannot speak above a whisper. *BACKGROUND*
    Jhalefein served House Eilservs in Erelhei-Cinlu, the infamous Vault of the …

  • Alantavra

    Alantavra was a beautiful drow female. Her chain shirt and robes were cut to flatter her figure, and she frequently checked her appearance in her ornate hand mirror. She considered Common a base tongue and only spoke it when she had no …

  • Xillian

    Xillian is a typical-looking drow male with white hair and violet eyes. He dresses in form-fitting black studded leather armor, usually with a hooded cloak. He carries a rapier and hand crossbow. Xillian prefers Elven, but knows …

  • Noxana the Unwilling

    Noxana is a tiefling who could almost pass for human, if not for her yellow feline eyes. She wears robes of a deep violet hue, and speaks in a strange tone that seems to reverberate in one's ears. *BACKGROUND*
    Noxana is consort …

  • Arviragus

    Arviragus is a scrawny human male whose black hair and beard are streaked with white. His once-resplendent robes have been reduced to muddy rags after weeks of hiding out in the Evermoors. *BACKGROUND*
    Arviragus was born into …

  • Sauraphine

    |Height:5'11"|Weight:150|Age:unknown| |Eyes:Red|Hair:Red-blond|Skin:Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Sauraphine looks like a beautiful, statuesque human woman with white-feathered wings, red glowing eyes, and curling red-blond hair. Her skimpy clothing leaves …

  • Uilleam Evershade

    Uilleam's elven handsomeness is amplified by his fey blood. His shining eyes and long, flowing hair have a lavender hue, and his earth-toned wings resemble a butterfly's. Like the other Viridian, he dresses in robes of forest green. …

  • Asmodeus

    Asmodeus is almost as ancient as the multiverse itself. He appeared in Disigil's Palace of the Jester to observe as our heroes destroyed the Iron Cage. What role he played in the campaign's events - and whatever outcome he desired - are unknown. Image …

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