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  • Dalla

    Dalla is a Nordic beauty with long blond hair in a braid. *BACKGROUND*
    Dalla came to Sigil from Ysgard and joined the Xaositects, where she developed a reputation as a prankster. Once the killings started in the Hive, though, …

  • Thea

    Thea is a tall and slender blonde with light brown eyes. She favors diaphanous white clothes, and has a melodious voice. *BACKGROUND*
    Thea came to Sigil from Arborea, where her family lived at the foot of Mount Olympus. She has …

  • Salja Slitterknife

    Salja is a wiry tiefling with brown scaly skin and yellow eyes. She usually dresses in form-fitting leather, and is never seen without her pair of stilettos. *BACKGROUND*
    Salja was born in Sigil's Lower Ward, not long after her …

  • Felise

    Felise's appearance is typical for a zenythri: flawless blue-tinged skin, toned muscles, and a chiseled face perfectly framed by violet hair. She is older than she appears to be. *BACKGROUND*
    Felise has served


    Splinter is a small, young tiefling with ice-blue eyes, pinkish skin, and spiky red hair. She wears revealing black leather clothing, but keeps a demure demeanor, so as not to overshadow her mistress. Close examination reveals the " …

  • Annali

    Annali is a lovely woman in her later years with a head of auburn hair. She always dresses to flatter her figure, and has no problem with the attention that she gets. *BACKGROUND*
    Annali has been a factor in the Society of …

  • Yolette

    |Height:5'|Weight:80|Age:12| |Eyes:Brown|Hair:Brown|Skin:Pale| *APPEARANCE*
    Yolette is a skinny human girl, no more than twelve years old. Her dark hair is cut short, framing a face with hollow cheeks and haunted eyes. She doesn't look like she' …

  • Lady of Pain

    Her Serenity, the Lady of Pain, resembles a humanoid female with an elaborate headdress of shining blades surrounding her face. She drifts quietly through Sigil's streets, the hem of her gown brushing the cobblestones. She has never …

  • Lady of Mirrors

    The Lady of Mirrors was a lovely humanoid female with pale and flawless skin, long ivory hair, pointed ears, and vast butterfly wings. She favored multiple layers of diaphanous silk, and rarely deigned to set her bare feet upon the …

  • Alantavra

    Alantavra was a beautiful drow female. Her chain shirt and robes were cut to flatter her figure, and she frequently checked her appearance in her ornate hand mirror. She considered Common a base tongue and only spoke it when she had no …

  • Noxana the Unwilling

    Noxana is a tiefling who could almost pass for human, if not for her yellow feline eyes. She wears robes of a deep violet hue, and speaks in a strange tone that seems to reverberate in one's ears. *BACKGROUND*
    Noxana is consort …

  • Sauraphine

    |Height:5'11"|Weight:150|Age:unknown| |Eyes:Red|Hair:Red-blond|Skin:Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Sauraphine looks like a beautiful, statuesque human woman with white-feathered wings, red glowing eyes, and curling red-blond hair. Her skimpy clothing leaves …

  • Iona

    At first glance, Iona looks like a normal human girl, no more than eight years old, with frazzled ivory hair and a quiet demeanor. But the fey have left their mark on her, and one doesn't have to spend a long time around her to realize …

  • Therya

    |Height:4'11"|Weight:109|Age:n/a| |Eyes:Hazel|Hair:Dark brown|Skin:Translucent| *APPEARANCE*
    Therya looks much as she did in life, a young human woman with short hair and a lovely, musical voice. But she's a petitioner now; though still …

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