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  • Lady of Mirrors

    The Lady of Mirrors was a lovely humanoid female with pale and flawless skin, long ivory hair, pointed ears, and vast butterfly wings. She favored multiple layers of diaphanous silk, and rarely deigned to set her bare feet upon the …

  • Frostthorn

    Frostthorn resembles a tall and slender humanoid, with curved, woody antlers, a lush mane of leaves, thorny spiked shoulders, and lichen covering his wrists like bracers. His eyes flicker with green light. *BACKGROUND*

  • Iona

    At first glance, Iona looks like a normal human girl, no more than eight years old, with frazzled ivory hair and a quiet demeanor. But the fey have left their mark on her, and one doesn't have to spend a long time around her to realize …

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