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  • Ar'kle-mens

    Ar'kle-mens seems to be a human with black hair, a stabbing gaze, and angular features. His nails are at least three inches long. *BACKGROUND*
    Ar'kle-mens is an ambitious abishai who accepted a brass orb from [[:eliath | Morard …

  • Alocer

    Alocer has a humanoid body with red-gold flesh and a fearsome leonine head, something like a fiendish leonal in appearance. The fiery flash of his eyes can be seen from some distance, and he can use this trait to blind his opponents. …

  • Krell

    Krell conceived the project that eventually became Disigil, and convinced the Lords of the Nine to build it. He was murdered by its master, [[:alocer|Alocer]], who believed that Krell planned to seize the Iron Cage for himself. * …

  • Echarus

    Echarus is a pit fiend, bearing the scars of numerous campaigns. *BACKGROUND*
    Once a Blood War campaigner, Echarus now serves [[:alocer|Alocer]] as master of Disigil's security and defense. *PERSONALITY*
    Believing that …

  • Betzalel

    Betzalel is a hairless human-like creature, with great ram’s horns and lifeless black eyes. His flesh is decorated by hooks, chains, and barbs. A sweet yet sickly odor, like that of rotting peaches, clings to him. *BACKGROUND*

  • Sauraphine

    |Height:5'11"|Weight:150|Age:unknown| |Eyes:Red|Hair:Red-blond|Skin:Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Sauraphine looks like a beautiful, statuesque human woman with white-feathered wings, red glowing eyes, and curling red-blond hair. Her skimpy clothing leaves …

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