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  • Felgar

    Felgar is a dirty gnome with a spiky head of fair hair, a thin mustache and goatee, ugly yellow teeth, and breath that reeks of tobacco, even when he isn't smoking. *BACKGROUND*
    Felgar has run the bar at the Blood Pit as long …

  • Salja Slitterknife

    Salja is a wiry tiefling with brown scaly skin and yellow eyes. She usually dresses in form-fitting leather, and is never seen without her pair of stilettos. *BACKGROUND*
    Salja was born in Sigil's Lower Ward, not long after her …

  • Margram

    Margram is thin to the point of emaciation, with short strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. *BACKGROUND*
    Originally from the Outlands, Margram was [[:brandal|Brandal's]] acolyte in the Citadel of Fire, and was responsible for …

  • Ari

    Ari is a huge white and gray dog with blue eyes. *BACKGROUND*
    Ari found [[:talan|Talan]] in Sigil's Market Ward. Healthy dogs are rare on the Cage's streets, so she probably belonged to someone; her former owner's identity is …

  • Voorix

    Voorix is a large and impressive lizardfolk, with a colorful frill on the back of his head. His skin is peeling away from his nose, the first sign of a molt. *BACKGROUND*
    Voorix has been chief of the Night Thunder tribe since …

  • Vorssh

    Vorssh is a young lizardfolk. His bright green skin is surprisingly effective camouflage in his native jungle. *BACKGROUND*
    Since his hatching, Vorssh was raised to take his father [[:voorix | Voorix's]] place as chief of the …

  • Annali

    Annali is a lovely woman in her later years with a head of auburn hair. She always dresses to flatter her figure, and has no problem with the attention that she gets. *BACKGROUND*
    Annali has been a factor in the Society of …

  • Yolette

    |Height:5'|Weight:80|Age:12| |Eyes:Brown|Hair:Brown|Skin:Pale| *APPEARANCE*
    Yolette is a skinny human girl, no more than twelve years old. Her dark hair is cut short, framing a face with hollow cheeks and haunted eyes. She doesn't look like she' …

  • Frostthorn

    Frostthorn resembles a tall and slender humanoid, with curved, woody antlers, a lush mane of leaves, thorny spiked shoulders, and lichen covering his wrists like bracers. His eyes flicker with green light. *BACKGROUND*

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