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  • Felgar

    Felgar is a dirty gnome with a spiky head of fair hair, a thin mustache and goatee, ugly yellow teeth, and breath that reeks of tobacco, even when he isn't smoking. *BACKGROUND*
    Felgar has run the bar at the Blood Pit as long …

  • Mourner Tom

    Mourner Tom dresses in the black cast-off clothes of the wealthy, and is easily distinguished from his fellow Collectors by his moth-eaten top hat and dark glasses. His voice sounds like honey dipped in scotch. *BACKGROUND*

  • Salja Slitterknife

    Salja is a wiry tiefling with brown scaly skin and yellow eyes. She usually dresses in form-fitting leather, and is never seen without her pair of stilettos. *BACKGROUND*
    Salja was born in Sigil's Lower Ward, not long after her …

  • Splinter

    Splinter is a small, young tiefling with ice-blue eyes, pinkish skin, and spiky red hair. She wears revealing black leather clothing, but keeps a demure demeanor, so as not to overshadow her mistress. Close examination reveals the " …

  • Yolette

    |Height:5'|Weight:80|Age:12| |Eyes:Brown|Hair:Brown|Skin:Pale| *APPEARANCE*
    Yolette is a skinny human girl, no more than twelve years old. Her dark hair is cut short, framing a face with hollow cheeks and haunted eyes. She doesn't look like she' …

  • Tulio

    |Height:5'8"|Weight:140|Age:17| |Eyes:Brown|Hair:Brown|Skin:Pale| *APPEARANCE*
    Tulio is a scrawny human Prime, barely out of his teens (if that). He has a pale complexion, and wears the tattered garments of a refugee. His only possession of …

  • Xillian

    Xillian is a typical-looking drow male with white hair and violet eyes. He dresses in form-fitting black studded leather armor, usually with a hooded cloak. He carries a rapier and hand crossbow. Xillian prefers Elven, but knows …

  • Tarsem

    |Height:5'7"|Weight:140|Age:23| |Eyes:Green|Hair:Red-Brown|Skin:Bronze| *APPEARANCE*
    A bit small and lean, Tarsem has an unshaven, unkempt look about him, with tousled red-brown hair, light copper skin, and vibrant green eyes. His resemblance to …

  • Tarik al-Gana

    Tarik is a dusky-hued man who dresses in the Zakharan fashion, with a red fez covering his balding head. Though he sweats in Dis's oppressive heat, he doesn't perspire as much as one would expect him to. He gets around on a tiny, …

  • Therya

    |Height:4'11"|Weight:109|Age:n/a| |Eyes:Hazel|Hair:Dark brown|Skin:Translucent| *APPEARANCE*
    Therya looks much as she did in life, a young human woman with short hair and a lovely, musical voice. But she's a petitioner now; though still …

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