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  • Thea

    Thea is a tall and slender blonde with light brown eyes. She favors diaphanous white clothes, and has a melodious voice. *BACKGROUND*
    Thea came to Sigil from Arborea, where her family lived at the foot of Mount Olympus. She has …

  • Tylaric Stormwing

    Tylaric Stormwing is a human with gangly limbs and flame-red hair. As the Dancing Man, he wore a battered brown waistcoat; now he dresses in chain mail and shiny black boots. *BACKGROUND*
    Tylaric came to the Cage ten years ago, …

  • Annali

    Annali is a lovely woman in her later years with a head of auburn hair. She always dresses to flatter her figure, and has no problem with the attention that she gets. *BACKGROUND*
    Annali has been a factor in the Society of …

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