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Cold Blood is an ongoing chat-based D&D v.3.5 Planescape campaign using original & published adventures, primarily focused on the Blood War, and those out on the planes that have to live with it.

Cold Blood begins at the dawn of the Planescape setting, so I can use all of the material that was published, and have sufficient room to make up my own.

Since the v.3.5 cosmology is somewhat different than Planescape’s, and some metaplot elements that are taken for granted in v.3.5 actually transpired during Planescape’s life cycle, some “rollback” is necessary:

  • The Material Plane encompasses ALL known “prime material” worlds. Each world is sealed within a crystal sphere, floating on a rainbow sea of phlogiston. Travel between these spheres is covered within the Spelljammer setting. (In the current cosmology, every campaign world is on its own Material Plane.)
  • The Transitive Planes are about the same as in v.3.5. Finite demiplanes, including Ravenloft, can exist anywhere, but are most common in the Ethereal Plane. The Plane of Shadow is still a plane (it was promoted from demiplane status in 3E).
  • The Inner Planes include paraelemental planes (where the Elemental Planes meet each other) and quasielemental planes (where they touch the positive & negative energy planes).
  • The Outer Planes are shared by the gods of every Material Plane world. Instead of each campaign setting having its own cosmology, all are part of the Great Wheel.
  • Other planes, such as the Temporal Energy Plane, the Far Realm, and Eberron’s cosmology, are not part of the standard cosmology, or were invented after the end of Planescape, and may or may not be included in the Cold Blood cosmology.
  • The timelines for Prime Material worlds are also set during their 2nd Edition days. In Faerûn, it’s 1369 DR, the Year of the Gauntlet (1 year after the “present day” in the revised boxed set). The Krynnish year is 360 AC, three years after Dragonlance Legends. And on Oerth, it’s 572 CY, four years before the original World of Greyhawk box set. For more on this subject, visit the Temporal Chronology of the Primes.
  • Orcus is dead, Vecna is an obscure Oerthan demigod, modrons are the primary inhabitants of Mechanus, and the Faction War has not taken place.
  • If you don’t know what any of this means, don’t worry.

WARNING 1! If you ever intend to play in a Planescape campaign, this wiki contains SPOILERS. Though I’m not a slave to canon, I do use a lot of the published material, and I try to stay true to it when I can. Consider yourself warned!

WARNING 2! This campaign is recommended for mature audiences due to intense fantasy violence, blood and gore, Dustman corpse-mongering, brief nudity, suggestive romantic subplots, explicit use of planar cant, strong bardic performances, simulated humor, references to the use of alcohol, drug & potions, fiendish imagery, tiefling mischief, and moral ambiguity. Game experience may change during chat-based play. HBO will show this campaign only at night.


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