Prestige Classes

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This is an index for all prestige classes used in Cold Blood which are found outside of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Many of these are exclusive to specific factions; if the class name is asterisked, then it has the same name on as the faction, so I’ve invented that name for purposes of distinction.

Anarchomancer – Revolutionary League (Planar Handbook)

Ardent Dilettante – Society of Sensation (Planar Handbook)

Autarch * – Free League (

Chaotician – Xaositects (Planar Handbook)

Cipher Adept – Transcendent Order (Planar Handbook)

Defiant – Athar (Planar Handbook)

Dissonant – psionic bard class devoted to mastering two conflicting activities at one moment.

Doomlord – Doomguard (Planar Handbook)

Eldritch Theurge (Complete Mage)

Fatemaker – Fated (Planar Handbook)

Harmonium Peacekeeper – Harmonium (Dragon #315)

Justiciar – Mercykillers (Complete Warrior)

Learned Sophist * – Fraternity of Order (

Master Skeptic * – Bleak Cabal (

Metallurge – psychic warrior prestige class devoted to taking on the qualities of metal.

Mortician * – Dustmen (

Seeker * – Believers of the Source (

Son of Mercy – Mercykillers (Dragon #339)

Visionary * – Sign of One (

Wild Mage (Complete Arcane)

Prestige Classes

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