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(as told by Jazra, a tiefling tout of Sigil)

At the center of the Outlands you’ll find a tall spire. Floating over that spike is a torus with a city on the inside face. That city is Sigil, the impossible City of Doors, and the only way in or out is through the portals. As you can imagine, since we’ve got portals to every flamin’ place in the known multiverse, a lot of bloods would like to run the Cage. The reason they don’t is the Lady of Pain.

The Lady keeps the gods out of Sigil, keeps the Blood War from crashing through the gates, and keeps the factions from killing each other. Nobody knows where all that power comes from, but when you see the bladed Lady floating along the streets of Sigil, accompanied by her silent staff of dabus, you better stand clear. And don’t talk to her, ‘less you want to end up barmy, or teleported into one of her Mazes.

It’s a bit confusing if you’re used to the Prime. It’s like living inside a tire; the horizon curves up in every direction. There’s no sun, moon or stars-the sky just illuminates and gets dark. Most of it’s drab, and a lot of it’s dirty. Seems there’s always fog, or drizzle, or out n’ out rain.

Still, Sigil is the place to be, the gateway to everything and everywhere that matters. Live or die here, this is a fine place. And by the way, it’s pronounced “SIG-il”, not “SIJ-il.”

The Cage is divvied up into six wards:
  • The Lady’s Ward is the richest and most exclusive section of the Cage, home to the government and the elite.
  • The Lower Ward is Sigil’s industrial district. You can find the Great Foundry here, and more portals to the Lower Planes than anywhere else.
  • The Clerk’s Ward is home to all the bureaucrats and middlemen, and their money.
  • The Guildhall and Market Wards host all the merchants, craftsmen, artisans, and other middle class folks.
  • The Hive is Sigil’s slum, where her poor, unwanted, and undesirable citizens dwell.

Sigil (Metropolis): Nonstandard; AL LN; 200,000 gp limit; Assets 250,000,000 gp; Population: 250,000 (37% human, 20% planetouched [aasimar, mephlings, neraphim, tieflings, and the like], 10% elves, 10% halflings, 3% dwarves, 20% other).

Authority Figures: The Lady of Pain; Duke Rowan Darkwood, factol of the Fated; Erin Darkflame Montgomery, factol of the Sensates; Shemeshka the Marauder a.k.a. King of the Cross-Trade, information broker.

v.3.5 information on Sigil may be found in the Planar Handbook and Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, an excerpt from which is available here.

An excruciatingly detailed map of Sigil may be found here at


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