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Stop Alocer
The Lion of Hell is plotting to murder a god, and a world, to create a Lord of Pain for his copy of Sigil. Our heroes must obtain the Ritual of Unmaking from Tarsem, obtain the Hand of Chaos, and travel to Disigil. Only there can they destroy the Eye of the Dawn, the Tear of the Night, the Hand of Chaos, and the Iron Cage of Disigil itself.


Find the Missing Villagers
Jeya, Farnie, and Cari disappeared from Red Larch last week near Morard’s home. Unfortunately, all three are now confirmed dead. Our heroes finally reported this to Dhelosk Quelbeard on their way back through Red Larch.

Long Is the Road…
The party escaped Avernus by accepting a strange brass sphere from Ar’kle-mens.

Find Morard’s Weapon
Morard created a weapon for Gyderic. The party found it before Baltazo, but it crumbled to dust the moment it entered Sigil.

Who’s Killing Hivers?
In exchange for her help, Derioch Ysarl asked the party to keep an eye out for anyone unusual in the Hive Ward, where bubbers and barmies are dropping dead without any apparent cause. Our heroes found and stopped the killer, the wizard known only as the Shadowknave.

Where Is Morard? / Where Is Eliath?
The party sought the Prime wizard, as well as a planar barmy, only to discover the two men are one and the same – Eliath Morard. Now, at last, he has been found.

What Does Eliath Morard Know?
The party found Eliath – and learned that he’s Morard – and he was of some help with the murders, if not the Isle of Black Trees.

Why Are Hivers Being Targeted?
The Shadowknave wasn’t murdering bubbers and barmies – he was casting feign death on them, and the Illuminated were “reprogramming” them to become sleeper agents.

End the Eternal Boundary Plot
Our heroes learned the full dark of the Illuminated plot – then ended it by returning the Citadel to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Obtain a Second Invitation
Our heroes got a second invitation for the Jester’s Masque from Haden’s father, Lord Cerellis.

Where Is Nihmron?
Our heroes pursued the Vile Hunter to the Beastlands and slew him.

Bring the Gods Back Home
Our heroes ventured through a portal to the Gray Waste, and brought the dinosaurs they found there back to the Forbidden Plateau, earning the gratitude of the Night Thunder lizardfolk tribe.

Rescue Haden
One of our heroes was in the clutches of the Illuminated.

Get Baltazo!
Our heroes confronted the new master of the Illuminated in his Plague-Mort lair, leaving him bound and powerless. They finally killed him in Sigil.

Survive the Slip
With Plague-Mort in danger of slipping into the Abyss, our heroes prevented this disaster by swaying the people and defeating an aspect of Pazuzu.

Find Firil Starwing
Upon learning that Gyderic was seeking this elven scholar, our heroes found her in Arvandor, and learned something of why she left Sigil in the first place.

Gyderic Lives!
Sheen’s former lover, once thought dead, has now resurfaced. Our heroes failed to catch him in Arvandor, but they now possess what he was seeking there – the Eye of the Dawn.

What Is Greenheart? (Talan)
Talan’s suspicions were confirmed by Mal – the sword is a weapon of legacy. He has completed two of its rituals.

Follow Up With Tulio (Haden)
Haden wants to make sure that the would-be thief keeps out of trouble.

Where’s Joris?
Joris was banished back to the Prime when Alantavra cast dispel good on him. Our heroes rescued him from a band of frost giants.

Where Is the Lady of Mirrors?
Mal has learned that the Lady dwells in Selwyn’s Grove, on the Prime world of Thazia. The best hope our heroes have to find this world is the ne’er-do-well Tulio, who went missing after running afoul of some drow. If the Gatekeepers can find the Lady, she may be able to shed some light on the big darks at the heart of the story – and Mal’s condition.

What Is the Eye of the Dawn?
The Illuminated would stop at nothing to recover this priceless diamond – but does it have value beyond its mere worth? And who else might be seeking it?

What Were the Illuminated Up To?
They rule what they can, control what they can’t rule, and destroy what they can’t control – but why? Did Baltazo lust for power, or did they have another, darker reason? And why were he and Gyderic guarded by devils?

What Does Eldgrim Want? (Sheen)
Eldgrim Ringhammer wants Sheen’s help in getting a suit of armor from her foster father, Hoskuld Flameback. She returned to Murkstones and helped to rid the village of a deepspawn infiltration, freeing Hoskuld to work on the commission.

What Is the Lady’s Will? (Maloranserani)
Mal can’t remember why he is fated to help the party – he only knows that The Lady of Mirrors wills him to do so.

Awaken the Moonblade (Kalenthor)
Kalenthor Naïlo has acquired a dormant moonblade, and believes the key to its awakening lies somewhere out in the Great Wheel.

Investigate the Sensates (Kalenthor)
Kal is also interested in joining the Society of Sensation. Thea is the Sensate best known to our heroes.

The Consort’s Request
Noxana wants to hide from Nashtoreth, and our heroes have agreed to help her. (Kalisa has taken care of this.)

Save Thazia (failed)
Our heroes could not stop Lady Margone from destroying Tulio’s Prime Material homeworld.

Liberate Glenloch
Our heroes defeated Uilleam Evershade, freeing the people of the demiplane of Glenloch.

Faodhagan’s Fate
Noxana told our heroes that Haden’s grandfather is alive, a captive of an Abyssal Lord. After Joris advised Catriona, Kalisa joined them in a raid on Shendilavri, where they confronted the balor Morgrith and rescued Faodhagan.


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