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TIMELINE (a work in progress)

About 300 years ago
Kalisa becomes a succubus.

About 205 years ago
Faodhagan partially redeems Kalisa.

About 200 years ago
Lord Cerellis is born.
Faodhagan is lost to the Abyss.

10th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Kalenthor is born.

99th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Hexla is born.

100th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Talan is born.

103rd year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Haden is born. Tarsem is born.

106th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Sheen is born; her mother dies. Sheen is kidnapped by Mandara. Mandara and Sheen’s father die. Sheen is adopted by the dwarves of Murkstones.
Tarsem arrives in a Waterdhavian orphanage. Joris is born.

107th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Jazra is born.

110th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Tulio is born.

115th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Yolette is born.

121st year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Sheen leaves Murkstones for Waterdeep.

122nd year of Factol Hashkar’s reign
Sheen meets Gyderic and joins the elan enclave.

127th year of Factol Hashkar’s reign (1369 DR, The Year of the Gauntlet)

10 NIHILIM (Bleak Cabal)
Gyderic dies trying to steal an artifact from the Cullers. Sheen is cast out of the elan enclave.
Talan is drawn into Avernus and takes shelter with Hexla.
14th: Campaign begins. Sheen leaves Waterdeep.
16th: Sheen arrives in Red Larch. Meet Joris. Lemure fight.
17th: Avernus! Meet Talan. Escape to Sigil
18th, 19th: Recovery.
20th: Explore the Hive. Meet Haden. Shadowknave fight.
21st: Meet Eliath Morard. Citadel of Fire.
22nd: Sheen & Haden. Sheen’s New Job.
23rd: Shopping. Joris & Thea. Talan Finds Ari.
24th: Meet Cerellis. Jester’s Masque. Krigala.
25th: Gray Waste. Meet Annali. Haden leaves. UnderSigil.
26th: Plague-Mort. Meet Mal. Aspect of Pazuzu. Night o’Love. Joris impregnates Kalisa.
27th: Arvandor. Eye of the Dawn. Move into the House on Smith Street.
28th: Glass Pearl. Kill Gyderic. Kill Baltazo. Downtime begins.

11 MORTIS (Dustmen)
3rd: Lord Cerellis dies.
21st: Downtime ends. Mal’s Discovery. Where’s Tulio? Demonweb Pits. Joris dispelled.
22nd: Faerûn. Meet Kalenthor. Frost giants.
23rd: Silverymoon. Lady of Mirrors. Waterdeep. Murkstones.
24th: Steelheart. Elan enclave. Red Larch redux.
25th: On the road.
26th: On the road.
27th: Back to Sigil. Kal & Tarsem settle at Chirper’s. Joris returns to the Circle.
28th: Nye at Honorgard. The summer house. Dis. Tenth Pit. Numeledes dies.

12 Decadre (Doomguard)
1st: Moonshadow awakens. Tulio and Lissandra point the way to Thazia. Uilleam Evershade betrays the Lady of Mirrors, and she is murdered by Margone. Haden, captured by Margone, seizes the stones. Our heroes escape. Thazia dies. Our heroes return home, then hide in Glenloch. Joris sends a message to Catriona.
2nd: In Glenloch, our heroes defeat Uilleam Evershade, then fight Margone & Drachenflagrion. Pursued by Margone, Haden returns to Sigil, where Splinter attacks him. Joris & Kalisa rescue Faodhagan. The other PCs return to Sigil.
3rd: Margone in the house. Hand of Chaos. Place Between Mirrors. Disigil. Therya. Alocer. Asmodeus. Unmaking Disigil. Home again. Campaign ends.


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