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Our heroes have acquired a townhouse in the Swordhold district of the Lower Ward, on the other side of Smith Street from the Black Sail. The following describes the townhouse as they first saw it; I’ll update the page to reflect its renovated, occupied state when time permits.

One square on the maps equals 5 feet.

Like most buildings in the Lower Ward, every inch of the two-story townhouse is covered by soot, or razorvine, or sooty razorvine. Made of plastered masonry (and probably from conjured stones), with a sloping roof of slate-gray tiles, it lacks the elaborate blades and gargoyles of some other residences. Still, its style is unmistakably Sigilian, and it would draw odd looks in any Prime neighborhood. Here, it simply blends in.

A short series of steps leads up to a heavy iron-banded oak door with a well-crafted lock; there’s a bay window to your right, and two more windows on the second story, but they’re all too filthy to see through them. The windowsills are adorned with iron spikes, presumably to keep executioner’s ravens from roosting there.

The door opens upon a parlor (#1), with a small fireplace and a grimy bay window looking out onto Smith Street. A large and well-preserved portrait of a family still hangs on the wall – a human couple entering middle age, three young girls (two of them twins), and a little boy. You can see tasteful flagstone flooring beneath the remains of a moth-eaten rug.

A short corridor runs back to three doors. On your left is a closet; to the right you find a small living room (#2), occupied by a lone rickety chair and a surplus of cobwebs. There’s also a double door leading forward into the parlor.

Returning to the hall, the last door leads to the kitchen (#3) at the back of the house. You see an empty pantry, a fireplace, a range, and a small supply of wood and coal. A few tin pots and pans hang from hooks above the range. The adjacent scullery includes a well-worn copper, a large wash basin, and a number of large buckets.

The kitchen’s back door and small window look out on an outside privy and a tiny, weed-choked garden (#4), surrounded by a tall and spiky fence of wrought iron. A gate leads into a small courtyard, shared with the surrounding homes, with a small picnic area and a well at its center.

The stairs creak underfoot, but seem sturdy enough. There are four bedrooms and a privy on this level, and the floors are hardwood.

The bedroom at the top of the stairs (#5, Mal’s room) has a window overlooking the garden and a fireplace sharing the kitchen’s chimney. A small mirror hangs just to the left of the door.

The privy (#6) is adjacent to that bedroom. It’s equipped with a tub, a washstand, a chamber pot, and the remains of a wooden bench and dressing screen. A faint outline on the wall suggests where a mirror used to hang.

A second bedroom (#7, Talan & Hexla’s room) has a small window and a very handsome wardrobe. A few pages of sheet music lie on the floor.

The third, “master” bedroom (#8, Haden’s room) has a bay window and a fireplace sharing the parlor’s chimney. A writing desk sits just inside the doorway, making it difficult to open the door all the way.

The last bedroom (#9, Joris & Kalisa’s room, formerly Hexla’s laboratory) is tiny and has an elaborate brass bed frame, as well as a window over the front door. The dust is very thick here.


Though I cleaned them up a little and did the numbering with Photoshop, these maps were drawn by hand, using the isometric grids from the AD&D 1st Edition Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide. Old-schoolers unite!


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