Cold blood


“You made it! Welcome to the worlds beyond your own, berk, the Great Wheel of the cosmos. You’re walking the planes now, where the living and the dead mingle, the gods keep their stately cases, and the Blood War rages. Watch your step…

“What’s the Blood War? Poor, Clueless sod. The forces of evil have been fighting each other out here since time out of mind. Seems each gang of fiends wants evil all to themselves, and killin’ all their rivals is the only way they know how to get it. If they ever put their heads together, the universe’d be in trouble, but it’s been one big cosmic stalemate for eons. ‘Course, sometimes the Blood War spills over into Sigil, but the Lady of Pain keeps the real troublemakers out. Still, all the scheming adds another layer to life in the Cage.

“Yeah, the Cage. You’re in Sigil now, the City of Doors. There’s a portal here to every flamin’ place on the Wheel, if you can find it, ‘n discover how to open it. Looks like the one you just came through don’t open from this side. Well, that’s why they call it the Cage. Chin up, berk, it ain’t all that bad here in Sigil.

“Now, polite cutters will call you a prime or an Outsider, but to everyone else, you’re Clueless. Stick with old Jazra, and I’ll give you the chant in no time. Once you know the dark of things around here, you’ll be a real blood.

“What do I want? Let’s just say I help you now, maybe someday you’ll be in a position to return the favor. Deal? Good! I knew you weren’t totally Clueless!”


Cold Blood is a chat-based Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5 Planescape campaign using original & published adventures, primarily focused on the Blood War, and those out on the planes that have to live with it. It began on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007, and ended on Tuesday, February 10th, 2009.

Cold Blood was chosen as Obsidian Portal’s Featured Campaign in January of 2008.

Cold Blood is recommended for mature audiences.

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PCs: Sheen Talan Haden Mal Kalenthor
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Cold Blood

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