Norinaga Kuroda

A Masterless Samurai Now Serving the Red Death


Norinaga Kuroda is a human male approaching middle age whose manner of dress reflects his samurai caste. He wears the guard from a katana (or tsuba) as an eyepatch while his left eye heals. He sports a simple mustache and beard, and his outfit is decorated with the symbol of the Mercykillers, as well as the crest of the Kuroda clan.

Norinaga wears the pair of swords common to all samurai.

Norinaga was born into the Kuroda family, a samurai household in the Prime realm of Katan. The Kurodas were loyal to the daimyo Akada, and were responsible for his lands bordering those of his rival, Lord Kashida.

Norinaga distinguished himself in many defensive actions against the Kashida clan, becoming head of his household upon his father’s death, and a trusted advisor to Lord Akada.

But Norinaga could not stop a devious spirit from driving Lord Akada to madness, bringing ruin to Akada’s lands and followers. Norinaga pursued the spirit’s Kashida summoner across Katan and unto the Outer Planes, slaying him in Sigil with the aid of the Red Death.

Finding the Mercykiller philosophy compatible with his own, Norinaga has sworn himself to the faction, honoring the factol as his new lord.

Norinaga sometimes wonders if his life truly ended when his master went insane. Is the Great Wheel nothing more than a test, to determine whether he can prove himself worthy of a true afterlife by serving the cause of absolute justice? He feels no connection to anything beyond his faction, and therefore has little cause to doubt this conclusion.


Norinaga Kuroda

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