Noxana the Unwilling

Consort to Nashtoreth


Noxana is a tiefling who could almost pass for human, if not for her yellow feline eyes. She wears robes of a deep violet hue, and speaks in a strange tone that seems to reverberate in one’s ears.

Noxana is consort to High Priest Noshteroth of the Umber Scales, keeper of the Temple of the Abyss – and apparently his daughter, as well. Haden has agreed to help her to find a place to hide from Noshteroth in exchange for information on Alantavra and Faodhagan.

Though devoted to the Lords of the Abyss, Noxana isn’t the proselytizer that Noshteroth is. She prefers to let her position and power show the benefits of a sinful life.

Noxana is mentioned in In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil.

Noxana the Unwilling

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